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Strategy & Advocacy

AIC bridges political understanding and intelligence providing scope for stakeholder engagement and negotiation, campaigns for raising awareness and organising action items in order to encourage reform.

AIC can focus on specific targeted strategic advocacy that the NGO, stakeholder’s or private sector agents are working towards, or we can work hand-in-hand to map-out plausible goal.

AIC can provide you and your organization with the relevant skills in devising policy briefs and policy proposals. We can assess the policy environment, identify your policy objectives, and support you with development and implementation strategies. We can also draft or edit your policy proposals so that they are accessible, influential and targeted to your audience.

Public Affairs

AIC focus is to help our clients engage in the European Union (EU) political system. Our network consists of EU officials from across the 28 EU Member States including former members of national and European parliaments, political spokespersons and senior civil servants.

European Parliament

What AIC Believes

AIC consultants endeavor to give all their clients a personable experience via an approach, which allows for a relationship to be based upon core values that are developed and maintained.




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Digital Marketing

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Team Building

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Events Management

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“Active International Consulting provide training solutions to counter language difficulties and help clients to effectively exploit global opportunities related to linguistic awareness”

Please find a list of a range of the many different items of the professional Skills training in English services available:

Attending interviews
Conference calls
Curriculum vitae focus
Effective language functions: Negotiating, persuading, recommending, implied meaning etc
International and intercultural English: Accent focus, sociolinguistic awareness
Interviewing applicants
Minute-taking, effective note-taking
Networking, socialising in English
Press conferences
Pronunciation clarity, intonation, pitch and stress
Public speaking
Speech writing
Specialized/task-specific vocabulary: finance, sales, lobbying, marketing, HR, law, media etc
Telephone conversations
Writing and or analysing emails and memos
Writing and or analysing reports and other documents

Training Approach

Development of a practical and personal immersion programme around client’s day to day life
Through practice and task success, build confidence using the English language
The use and focus upon real life, up-to-date sources of language relevant to you
Simulation of a professional day in the English language
Review real life model writing samples and extract written language and technique from them
Analysis of varying spoken forms of English including speech recording and playback to train to produce the most effective verbal communication to suit purpose and audience
Analysis of the features of leading speakers related to your field
Preparation and execution of realistic presentation scenarios taken directly from your professional context
Focus on English grammar points that require focus on a needs basis as and when they arise
Consistent broadening of client context-related vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and ‘buzz’ language
Creation and execution of authentic, situational roleplays, negotiations and debates taken and created directly from a your professional field

Key Learning Outcomes

Improve political and or current business language literacy
Expand and update vocabulary trends in written and spoken English
Improve articulation and gain confidence in written communications
Recognise and correct inconsistencies in writing and presentation styles
Examine the process of logical writing: How it improves message strength
Examine voice, tone and other verbal communication tools
Become fluent in professional business presentations
Develop confident public speaking skills in business and or political settings
public speaking

Extra services

Extra services I can provide include: Proof reading, group workshops, team building in English, conversation practice socialising events, opportunities for placements in English speaking countries and environments, host families and group adult courses in the UK and elsewhere

Price Structure

* Please note that prices are exempt from 20% VAT as we are UK providers of educational services

Preliminary 1 hour language consultancy session
    Group English conversation events
      Individual English language training
      from €30/hr
        Group English language training
        • +10€ per person per hour
        Proof reading
          Themed English language workshops
            Translation services


              We provide you with custom solutions based on your needs, using the technologies we master! Website creation, e-mailing campaigns, social media, SEO, E-commerce, etc.


              We build or improve your website with WordPress or from scratch to fit your specific needs, using the best technologies.

              We make sure your website is easy to manage and user-friendly for your visitors, on desktop, tablets and smartphones.


              E-mail campaigns

              We create professional emails readable on every email clients and devices. Thanks to Mailchimp reports, we can provide you accurate statistics at the end of your campaign.

              Social Media

              We take care of creating or revamping your social media accounts and can create content for you.


              We help get better results by optimising your online content and tracking conversions.


              We integrate the best online shop tools to your current website to sell your products.


              We complete the digital offer with leaflets for your events with your branding.


              AIC offer dynamic Team building exercises and staff days out, which include a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively.
              All communication and participative exercises are tailored and aimed at improving communication skills and team belonging.

              Belgian Beer/Gin Tasting at your event
              Go Cart trophy at the coast
              Adventure and water sports
              Murder mystery dinner evening
              Escape the vault
              Cycling and hiking Tours
Taste the wonders of the 28 EU Member States
              The Beer Olympics
              Chocolate making experience
              Ghent – Rescue game
              Disco/Karaoke and dance evenings
              Cosmopolitan Brussels Experience: Segway tours
              Art/Dance workshops
              Golfing and sports tournaments
              and many many more…


              AIC communication bringing words to action. Let us design your events following your objectives.

              Whether you are looking for unique concepts for your Product Launch, Client Event, Roadshow, Company inauguration or sales kick off, AIC will bring you the ambiance with tailor made innovative designs and business results which will surpass your expectations.

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              Events Management


            • Danielle Turkov
              Danielle TurkovFounder / Political & Advocacy Consultant

              Danielle Turkov, Founder of AIC, manages AIC’s branch company which provides Political and Advocacy Consulting. Danielle was formerly working on cultural integration projects for the European Union.

            • Djan Sauerborn
              Djan SauerbornAssistant Director and Strategic Advisor

              Djan Sauerborn was born in London. After spending his childhood in Boston, USA and Burkina Faso he moved to Germany. He holds a Masters Degree (with distinction) in Political Science and Anthropology from Heidelberg University, Germany.  He was SADF’S Democracy Research Programme Manager and Policy Advisor as well as the Editor of SADF’s Political Bulletin “Think South Asia”. In addition he is a co-Editor at the Online Think Tank “International Security Observer” as well as a contributor for the Human Interest Publication “ZERO Magazine”.


            • Clifford Wilson
              Clifford WilsonLinguistics Consultant

              Clifford Lloyd Wilson has years of ELT experience both at home in the UK and Internationally. Cliff also directs and designs innovative materials for various companies and teachers working for AIC’s branch company which provides private business and personal English classes around Europe.

            • Pierre Wattré
              Pierre WattréMarketing & Communications Consultant

              Pierre has more than 5 years of experience in Marketing and Project Management and specialises himself in Digital Marketing. He is proficient in HTML5/CSS3.

            • Sarah de Geest
              Sarah de GeestVisiting Research Fellow

              Sarah currently works as a freelance editor for newsfirst, providing business focused daily analysis on European and International news, she is also a Junior Fellow in the Policy Unit of the Human Security Centre. As a graduate from KUL and the University of London, she holds two Masters of Law with distinction. Originally drawn to the areas of rule of law and constitutionalism, while studying Chinese Law she expanded her expertise into the broader area of politics, security, and international relations with a particular focus on China.


            • Alfiaz Vaiya
              Alfiaz VaiyaPublic Affairs Fellow

              Alfiaz is currently the coordinator of the European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup. Before he joined ARDI, Alfiaz worked on non-discrimination issues for civil society organisations in London and Brussels as well as in the European Parliament. Alfiaz has an LLB in Law from Leeds Metropolitan University and Masters in International Relations: Global Economic Governance from the University of Birmingham.


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